Remote Analytics Program Manager-8427, Wien, Shuvel Digital

Veröffentlicht 2022-11-23
Läuft ab 2022-12-23
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Remote Analytics Program Manager-8427, Wien, Shuvel Digital
Austria, Wien, Wien,
Veröffentlicht November 23, 2022


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Besetzung: Remote analytics program manager-8427
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We are looking for someone who excels at working collaboratively, enjoys writing, delivers high-quality work, and can articulate business strategy. Candidates should have expertise working in an agile transformation environment where they can coach and mentor others on changes and expectations. Candidates should also have a well-rounded analytical program management history with the ability to support strategic initiatives and forward thinking to lead programs and advise stakeholders. Additional qualities that will serve you well in this role are attention to detail, ability to remain flexible in a fast-paced environment, comfortable working in ambiguity, and a passion for out-of-the-box thinking.

Proven experience in program management with strong Agile leadership
Ensure extensive collaboration with the analytic teams, strategic partners, senior leadership, and business partners
Strong expertise in program roadmap and agile methodology
Excellent communication skills with the ability to decipher and convey messages to leadership verbally and visually
Strong focus on delivery and actively turns lessons learned into better and faster ways to deliver
Manage project activities through all lifecycles to ensure the best quality product is delivered
Derives appropriate action recommendations and works in partnership with business units to ensure implementation
Actively participates in cross-functional team activities, provides expertise on strategy, offering original perspectives and conventional views
Collaborates with team members to establish goals, objectives, and future opportunities
Ensures accurate process and methodology is documented
Manages and appropriately prioritizes multiple overlapping projects
Performs other related duties as assigned
Excellent analytical, decision-making and time management

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